Brave Brothers stand against Domestic Violence


MATE, a project of Griffith University, Queensland, is an education and intervention program teaching us all to be leaders in the prevention of violence and problematic behaviour. The bystander approach focuses not on the perpetrator or victim of violence rather, what we can all do to prevent violence in our homes, workplaces, schools and communities.

About the training

This three-hour active bystander training supports participants to speak up when confronted with everyday sexism and sexual harassment as well as a range of behaviours and attitudes that justify, excuse, blame, trivialise or minimise violence.

This training takes participants through the causes, prevalence and impact of domestic violence, sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women.

What is an active bystander?

An active bystander can be a friend, family member, colleague or stranger. Being an active bystander sends a message that violence in a relationship is everyone’s business and that everyone has a positive role to play in eliminating it.

What will this training do for you?

Increases your understanding and confidence to discuss domestic violence and sexual harassment with your colleagues, friends and family

Builds your skills to challenge attitudes and behaviours that support violence against women

Provides you with practical tools to be an active bystander

Brave Brothers MATE active bystander training focuses on the most pervasive forms of violence but the active bystander tools can be used to challenge any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying.

The tools are designed to reinforce healthy, respectful behaviours and focuses on what people in the workplace, communities and families can do to make a difference.

Who should attend?

This training is suitable for all audiences. Scenarios can be tailored to specific workplace, settings and community groups.

When is the next training?

This training is available throughout the year We deliver the training off or on site and can tailor it to a specific audience upon request.

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